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Costa Rica is a birder's paradise. The degree of biodiversity and large number of birds species are disproportionate to the small size of the country. Thanks to Samuel Arguedas and Paul and Robert Driver for their help in identifying many of these species.
White-collared manakinCommon Tody FlycatcherGreen-backed heronFemale Purple-throated Mountaingem (hummingbird)Green-crowned brilliant (hummingbird)Bananaquit (hummingbird)Green-crowned Brilliant, male (hummingbird)Violet Sabrewing (hummingbird)Buff-throated SaltaterNorthern JacanaNorthern Jacana with wingsBelted KingfisherWhite-throated Magpie JaySocial FlycatcherAninga head and neckAhningaAhninga (candid)Rufus-winged woodpecker